filming a car pulled behind a trailer

Camera Car

Ford F-250 Camera Insert Car with 100 amp Crystal Sync Generator

Light Duty Insert Trailer With Fold Down Sides

camera car on trailer filmed by truck towing it


car trailer with fold down sides for film crew rental

  • Built by Camera Cars Unlimited in California
  • Heavy Duty 3/4 ton Ford with 450 cubic inch engine
  • Spring and air ride
  • Quick connect aluminum knuckles
  • On board 100 amp crystal sync generator (approx 10KW capacity)
  • Heavy duty tow dolly available ($100.00)
  • Lighter duty process trailer with fold out sides available ($200.00)
  • Camera Car is  $ 400.00 per day .20 per mile travel days negotiable
  • Enlouva Crane can mount on bottom deck $650.00 per day
  • Light Duty Insert Trailer is $ 250.00 per day mileage negotiable

Polaris 6×6 All terrain Vehicle

6x6 tav with rig for film camera for rent in montana

  • Automatic transmission
  • Work box for hauling equipment or camera mounting
  • Powerful (450cc)
  • Speedrail Mounts
  • Trailer available